History of our School

Our school was built in 1878.
Many thanks to all those who attended our 130 year celebration at the school/village hall in December 2008, we hope you enjoyed it. It’s nice to share memories

The following is an extract from the report ’Two Garvestone schools’ written in 1998, by Andrew Durrant:-

The first pages in the admissions register are dated Tuesday the 15th January 1878. 61 children were admitted during the first week – 32 girls and 29 boys – ranging in ages from 5 years, 1 month, to 14 years, 7 months. Children were at this time able to leave school, and start work, on reaching their thirteenth birthday, but apparently not all did; so it may not be surprising to find two fourteen year old girls being admitted.

Twenty four of the 61 children had previously been at school in neighbouring villages and so they were now doing a straight transfer to their own new village school. Nineteen children were registered as having previously been at “Garvestone Village School” (i.e. that in Town Lane), but that, of course, had closed in October 1875, so they had no education for more than two years. Eighteen of the children had never attended school before; mostly five to eight year-olds, but including one eleven year-old girl. We must suppose that Miss Cheyne was a formidable young lady as we imagine her taking charge, alone, of this very mixed bunch of sixty-one children!

It is a great shame that the School Log Book for this period has not survived; it would have been interesting to read the Mistress’s own comments! The Board make no mention at all of the opening of the school in the Minutes of their meeting on February 14th. They agreed to order an easy chair for Miss Cheyne and one ton of coal. They also agreed to consider at their next meeting “the question of a “Pupil Teacher”; thus presumably admitting that Miss Cheyne might need some assistance.

In May they recorded their thanks to their Chairman, Rev. Wright, for the past three years work; (in fact, he continued in office for many more years). They also recorded that “school pence” so far paid in by the children amounted to £5 0s 5 1/2d. 

Garvestone School was in business!!