How to report your child’s absence

If your child is unable to attend school please telephone the school office on 01362 850315 (there is an answering machine) or email: as soon as possible after 8:30 am on the first day of absence.

Garvestone Primary School
Please see our full Attendance Policy under ’school letters’

Why is good attendance and punctuality important?

A good education will give a child the best possible start in life. When a child does not attend school regularly and on time they will have difficulty in keeping up with their work and will therefore underachieve. Employers will want to be sure that their employees are reliable, so children who have poor attendance may have less chance of getting a good job, so developing the habit of good attendance and punctuality is vital at an early age. Children who are off school for no good reason are at risk of becoming victims of crime or abuse and may also be drawn into anti-social or criminal behaviour.

How does the school promote good attendance?

The school’s target for attendance is shared with all school staff, parents and pupils.

What are parents’ responsibilities?

Parents are responsible for ensuring that their child attends school regularly and punctually. They should contact the school on the first day that their child is away from school explaining the reason for the absence, and giving some indication of how long their child will be away from school.

What are the school’s expectations?

The school expects parents to get their children to school regularly and punctually. Parents are expected to contact the school on the first day of absence, giving the reason for absence and for how long they expect their child to be absent.

What are the school’s practices and procedures?

When notification is received from parents that a child is absent due to ill-health, this is recorded on the absence sheet along with the reason for absence. If no notification is received the School Secretary telephones the family to find out why a child is absent.

In the case of requesting permission for your child/ren to take holidays during term time please see our full attendance policy for changes due to recent Government guidelines (2012) the Headteacher is unable to authorise this any more.

What are acceptable reasons for absence?

Absence is authorised when:

A child is too ill to attend school
A child has a medical or dental appointment
The child is involved in Religious Observance
The child has been excluded from school
There are exceptional circumstances i.e. a family bereavement so please consult the Headteacher.

All other absences will be treated as unauthorised and parents will receive notification that the absence is not authorised and will be invited to contact the Headteacher.

Lack of attendance at school is monitored weekly and if this becomes a cause for concern the Education Welfare Officer will be asked to visit the family to offer support on how they can improve their child’s attendance.
The EWO will discuss how the family can improve the child’s attendance and make them aware of the serious nature of the situation, including the possibility that they may be fined if their child’s attendance does not improve.

Families are encouraged to be at school on time every day.