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Garvestone is a small, growing, rural primary school with a long history (opened in 1878) of serving the educational needs of the local community. Our strapline, “Where a creative curriculum paints our future” was chosen by the pupils to reflect our commitment to a fully engaging, arts-rich curriculum.

Our curriculum aims are to:-

  1. Educate pupils about the world beyond their immediate environment and make them aware of the opportunities that await them;
  2. Enable all pupils to fully participate in learning by providing an accessible curriculum;
  3. Equip pupils with life skills to prepare them for their futures;
  4. Nurture positive attitudes and values.

We use Dimensions ‘Learning Means the World’ Curriculum (LMTW), which is underpinned by four highly relevant world issues, known as the four Cs:-





Rationale for implementing LMTW

As a school that predominantly represents a white British demographic, we want our pupils to fully embrace cultural diversity, learning about and experiencing a range of different cultural and faith heritages. We actively and explicitly promote cross-cultural friendship, respect, tolerance and understanding through LMTW, as well as our 3D PSHE programme.

We believe that communication is key to accessing learning and securing pupils’ future success. We are committed to developing language for learning and use both a generic learning lexicon and theme / subject specific lexicons across the curriculum. We believe that reading is key to full curriculum access and, alongside our ‘Power of Reading’ creative approach, we use our themes to develop language skills

We feel our pupils need a greater awareness and appreciation of local, national and global conservation issues and initiatives, learning how they have an important role to play in sustainability.

Our commitment to nurturing positive attitudes and values is highlighted through our LMTW curriculum and life skills are integral to the curriculum design.

Through the progressive LMTW Learning Pathways (Explorers, Pathfinders, Adventurers and Navigators) learning traits are developed through aspects such as pupil-led activities (independence) and high ability tasks (resilience).

British Values are also matched against the four Cs, ensuring further cohesion within and across the curriculum and are covered throughout Culture and Conflict themes.


The impact we intend to achieve will be that our pupils will have a better understanding of the world. Pupils will have the confidence, self-esteem and greater awareness of the opportunities that are available for them.

Our learners will have fully rounded characters with a clear understanding of complex values like equality, friendship, trust and many others. Only by really learning what these mean will our learners be able to develop a character that prepares them for living in the community demonstrating tolerance and equality. We measure this not just by the work our children produce, but in the behaviours we see each and every day in all learners on the playground, in corridors, and in the many roles we give them.

Our learners will be motivated by a strong personal sense of morality. They will make decisions for the right reasons and in the best interests of their community. They will be able to decide what is right and what is wrong, and will be resilient to the influence of others. They will go out into the world and make a difference in their own life and to others. Our learners will be the owners of their own destinies.

We strive to ensure that our children’s attainment in core and foundation subjects is in line with or exceeding their potential when we consider the varied starting points of children. We measure this carefully using a range of materials, but always considering Age Related Expectations. We intend that the impact is that children will be academically and physically prepared for life in high school and in Modern Britain and the world.

For more information about our curriculum please use the link below for the Dimensions Curriculum Website. 

Garvestone Primary Curriculum Rolling Programme.

Sept 23- July 24

We will be following Explorers 2, Adventurers 2 and Navigators 2.


Dimensions Lead  – Mrs Dyke – office@gar.unity-ed.uk  or 01362 850315

English Lead  – Mrs Mason – office@gar.unity-ed.uk  or 01362 850315

Maths Lead – Miss Dolby- office@gar.unity-ed.uk or 01362 850315