At Garvestone Primary School we aim to deliver a high quality English curriculum that gives children the best possible opportunities to become confident and literate members of society with a love and understanding of English language and literature. Teachers have high expectations for all children to achieve the very best they can and enjoy English. Our aim is to ensure that all children will be able to communicate clearly in spoken and written form.

Quality texts are at the heart of our teaching and learning through the ‘Power of Reading’ and a love for reading is promoted throughout the school.

Power of Reading: The Complete Book-based Approach To Improving Literacy Standards in School

What is the Power of Reading?  

The Power of Reading is CLPE’s proven professional development programme that supports our primary school to evolve a high quality literacy curriculum which develops reading comprehension and writing composition, and fosters a whole school love of reading and writing. 

The Power of Reading puts quality children’s literature at the heart of literacy learning and is built on years of research and best practice. The programme develops teacher subject knowledge and supports our school to raise engagement and attainment in language, vocabulary, reading and writing and meet all the requirements of the National Curriculum. It includes in-depth training and has excellent teaching resources at its heart.